Conservatives want a cut in fuel duty

  • November 6th, 2012
  • by Paul Abbott
Posted in: Petrol Promise


Yesterday, an important new poll was published by Tim Montgomerie on the political website, ConservativeHome. (Link here.) His findings show that on the issue of the cost of living, and in particular on petrol and diesel prices, Conservative activists feel the same as the rest of the country.


50 per cent of Conservatives told Tim that they would like to see cuts in fuel duty - and therefore cheaper petrol and diesel - over and above any other tax-cut, including VAT, income tax, and Council Tax. This adds momentum to our campaign to stop the 3p petrol tax, that is currently planned for January 2013. 


That's why Tim Montgomerie is this week's PetrolPromise Hero


To their credit, the Government have listened in the past. Since 2010, the Chancellor George Osborne has been the motorists' friend and frozen or scrapped many billions of pounds worth of fuel duty rises, which were planned by the last Labour Government. 


But we are urging him to go further this autumn. The 3p petrol tax in January will cost you £60 next year. Experts say that it could crush the recovery, and plunge us back into recession. It is also a tax on the poor. Let's hope the Government listens again.